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2017 HiddenLair.net by MadArtist



Palacius is an elite athlete. At his young age he has already won many awards and trophies, do to his high competitive personality and well built powerful body.

Palacius comes from a very wealthy family. He is a gorgeous young man, with hair that looks like gold, firm well defined muscles and blue beautiful eyes. He is also well hung with a dick what would satisfy anyone, long and with a thick dick head.

One of his best body assets besides his nice long thick dick, is his round beautiful bubble butt. But Palacius is more of a top when it comes to sex, he would only bottom for someone really special.

Like any 18 year old, Palacius likes to party and have fun. But he is really selective when it comes to get intimate with someone. He has a secret crush on his mentor Troy.

Name: Palacius.

Origin: Yuria.

Age: 18.

Position: Versatile.

Likes: To be admired.

Dislikes: Rude, Cocky People.

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