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Name: Troy.

Origin: Yuria.

Age: 26.

Position: Top.

Likes: Intelligent people.

Dislikes: stubborn people.

Troy is a mentor on the most prestige University of Yuria. He is a role model to many of his pupils. Troy is very intelligent. He knows how to manage any situation, he is a true leader.

Troy also takes his health and fitness really seriously. He makes sure he works out at least 5 times per week. His body is a projection of who he is. With a perfect build and ripped muscular body, he is the admiration and envy of many.

Troy is currently single. He is not looking for the ideal partner, but for someone that will complement him. There is this young stud Palacius at his class that is always flirting with Troy. But dating a student will be a conflict of interest and a lack of professionalism for Troy.

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